Stay safe!

At Delamar we take hygiene and cleanliness standards seriously, and we have applied additional protocols to ensure the safety of our guests and employees against COVID-19.

Hotel Delamar

Some of the specific measures are as follows:

  • Ongoing training: our employees receive constant reports through our risk protection company, where they are instructed how they should work and implement all the basic procedures to avoid the spread of the virus.
  • Hand hygiene: proper and frequent hand washing is vital to combat the spread of the virus. In our daily meetings we remind our team that cleanliness begins with this simple act.
  • Personal protection measures: all our team are supplied with personal protection gear according to their duties: masks, gloves, face protection screens and cleaning and disinfection utensils.
  • Upon arrival at the hotel, our staff record their body temperature, and cannot enter the establishment if it exceeds 37.5ºC.
  • You will receive and must sign a responsible declaration that if you do not comply it will be a reason for applying the admission right.
  • Please bring your personal mask just in case you need it at some point for closed spaces due to the measures taken by the government.

Our hotel uses effective cleaning products and regulations against all types of viruses and applies high standards of hygiene, focusing on:

  • Rooms: we apply both cleaning and disinfection procedures before arrival and after departure of guests, paying special attention to the common contact items. We have also increased the frequency of cleaning and the changing of air conditioning filters.
  • If you have visited us on previous occasions you will notice some changes. We have removed decorative elements for safety reasons, drinking glasses have been removed from the rooms and been replaced with single-use ones and you will see a cleaning cloth in your bathroom that we will be used by your housekeeper only in your room during your stay.
  • Public spaces: we have increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfection in the hotel’s public areas, focusing on frequently used public surfaces, elevators and their buttons, door knobs, public toilets and even room keys.
  • You can see hydro-alcoholic gel dispensers as well as single-use gloves in all areas of the establishment.
  • Protection screens have been installed in the reception area and restaurant, we have established access protocols and capacities in all the common areas of the Hotel, (restaurant, bars, swimming pools and gyms).
  • Private hotel spaces: In areas where employees work “behind the scenes”, we disinfect kitchens, locker rooms, laundry and offices. Disinfectant gel dispensers are provided in each department so each employee has access and uses it regularly during their workday.
  • Merchandise entry: we have all the security protocols of our suppliers, and we have agreed with them on the appropriate form of delivery.
  • We do not allow access by external personnel that is not essential for the activity.

We inform you that upon your arrival we must take your temperature, making sure that it is below 37.5ºC, we will proceed to disinfect your suitcases and we will inform you of all the safety and hygiene protocols that you must comply with for your safety and to enjoy your stay.